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Sinomarin, with its 100% hypertonic formula containing natural ingredients/minerals and trace elements, helps solve the problem of stuffy nose and daily nasal cleansing for the whole family.

Sinomarin is produced with an optimal hypertonic formula of 2.3% for the nasal mucosa and excellent tolerability. It is 100% natural, proven effective and safe for the whole family; it contains trace elements and minerals in its formula.

Why Effective

With its 2.3% hypertonic formula, it opens the stuffy nose and reduces sinus pressure. Helps hydrate the nasal mucosa. Provides comfortable breathing. In addition to its decongestant properties, it is also used for daily nasal hygiene.

Neden Güvenli Why Safe

Formulated by collecting the cleanest (Zone A) spring water from the Bay of Cancale in France. Its hypertonic formula is safe and proven effective for the whole family, from newborns on up. Does not cause dependence or sedation. Can be used alone or in combination with other products.

Suggested Use

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