Ilko Pharmaceuticals, in line with the values of Selçuklu Holding that it is part of, has adopted the principle of applying customer oriented approach and contemporary human resources policies following world trends in order to ensure that its most important asset , i.e. human resource, works in the most effective and efficient way and with the highest motivation.

The purpose of Ilko Pharmaceuticals is to provide the best working environment for its employees and to be the most preferred company by high quality staff. In line with the company’s values, vision and strategies, the following are our essential principles : to select the right person for the right job, to increase motivation and loyalty, to ensure continuity in the company, to define policies and procedures in order for employees to display their performance in a reliable work environment through processes and systems to increase quality and to continuously improve individual and corporate performance.

1. To create a management approach based on respect for people and to apply ethical values. 
2. To prepare a human resources plan that is in line with company policies and strategies. 
3. To establish an effective testing & assessment system so as to ensure the recruitment of right candidates. 
4. To create a participative and learning organisation that can adapt to changing world conditions and work systems. 
5. To ensure that personal rights of all staff are protected. 


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