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Wellcare Gaspass Plus

Wellcare Gaspass Plus helps relieve symptoms associated with bloating and flatulence caused by flatus build-up. The onset of action is seen in 15 minutes. Wellcare Gaspass Plus is also indicated for the treatment of cramping and pain associated with bloating and for the prevention of flatulence. Contains 20 bilayer tablets.

Why Safe Mechanism of Action

Wellcare Gaspass Plus is a dual-layer tablet. Within 15 minutes of ingestion, 50% of the ingredients are secreted in the stomach, while the entire tablet is distributed in the intestinal environment within 1 hour. It provides a reliable benefit in reducing flatulence.

Suggested Use

For adults over 14 years of age, up to 4 tablets per day, preferably after main meals.

Ingredients (Active Ingredient) Quantity Daily Use Content (1 tablet)
Simethicone 50 mg
Activated carbon 300 mg

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