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WELLCARE Privacy Policy
With this privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”),
WELLCARE in principle intends to maintain confidentiality of the information of the users (“User”) of the web site (“Web Site”) that are natural persons, legal entities and/or institutions and organizations visiting the Web Site, whether or not they send or provide materials such as information, images, video, pictures and photography for the Web Site, by informing the Users regarding the terms of use of this Web Site. Accordingly, the User shall be deemed to have read and accepted all the conditions mentioned in this Privacy Policy, including but not limited to
the following conditions, and the relevant matters as the case maybe.

    1. 1.Intellectual property

Unless otherwise stated, any and all information and documents, including but not limited to brand, design, text, information, sound, shape, picture, news, price, drawing, image, content, logo, visuals, software, bulletins which are on the Web Site and any and all related intellectual property and/or copyrighted rights (“Web Information”) belong to and property of WELLCARE. The use of the Web Information by the User without the prior written consent of WELLCARE is prohibited, otherwise the User will be subject to criminal liability.

    1. Content and Security

Web Information is provided only for the purpose of informing the User without the intention to give advice on legal, medical, financial, investment, tax, accounting, and other related matters. Thus, WELLCARE does not recommend the User to take any action by relying on any Web Information provided on the Web Site.

The use of Web Information by the User partially or completely, directly or indirectly, verbatim or in any other way, or copying, transferring, reproduction, publication, storage, display, modification, falsification of the Web Information or holding, leasing, having third parties use it under sub-license, distribution and/or sale of the Web Information for commercial purposes without written consent of WELLCARE is prohibited.

WELLCARE is entitled to unilaterally amend and update the content of the Web Site, and the terms and conditions it publishes without prior notice. WELLCARE makes maximum efforts to ensure the accuracy and currency of the Web Information.

The User’s continuation of the use of the Web Site after the amendments made on the Privacy Policy means an undertaking that the amendments regarding the Privacy Policy are accepted. However, WELLCARE does not guarantee that the Web Information which is on the Web Site is correct, accurate and current.

    1. Limitation of Liability

WELLCARE shall have no responsibility due to the failure or delay in updating the Web Information on the Web Site, or due to a possible inaccuracy, deficiency and / or amendment in the Web Information and such failures shall not put WELLCARE under any liability whatsoever.

WELLCARE and/or the companies within WELLCARE and the natural persons or legal entities that are in the management body of such companies or that hold managerial titles in such companies shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage including, but not limited to the costs incurred directly or indirectly as a result of any performance failure, error, deficiency, interruption, defect, delay in operation and/or transmission, computer virus and/or line and/or system failure during the use of the Web Site.

Since the Web Information is provided for information purposes, the User shall not hold WELLCARE responsible in any way for any damages and/or losses arisen and/or shall arise as a result of the transactions made based on the Web Information and shall not claim to have suffered any damage for this reason.

    1. Links to the Other Sites

The links and advertisements on the Web Site of WELLCARE may direct the User to another website outside the WELLCARE network. WELLCARE shall assume no
responsibility for the content, accuracy, or function of such websites. WELLCARE shall not be held responsible for any direct and/or indirect indemnity, damage or penal clause that may arise from accessing or using such websites.

    1. Online Commerce

The Web Site may give the opportunity to purchase different types of goods and services offered by WELLCARE in an online environment. When the User wishes to place an order to purchase goods and services on the Web Site, s/he may provide correct, reliable, full, and complete, and necessary personal information; his/her name, surname, phone number, credit card information, e-mail address and the address where the order will be delivered.

The User shall be deemed to have agreed in advance that when s/he gives personal data to purchase the goods which belong to third parties or gives personal data and account details to such third parties as a result of the links provided to or provided from other web sites, such information is received by such third parties not by WELLCARE and that WELLCARE shall have no responsibility regarding this process.

The User shall not hold responsible and make any claims against WELLCARE or its employees, managers, directors, agents, their successors and replacements for any loss, damage, expense, and similar costs that may occur in the purchases of commodities belonging to third parties to be made from the Web Site or other websites to which this Web Site provides access or links.

    1. 1.Cookies

Cookies, which are defined as small data files saved on your computer, are used during your visit to the Web Site via the Internet. The cookies are small text files that are sent to and stored on a user’s computer in order to enable web pages in general to recognize regular users and facilitate their access to the site, and to allow sites to collect and compile aggregate data in order to improve and develop their content.

The cookies used on the Web Site do not store or disclose the User’s personal information. Furthermore, the information transmitted through cookies is not used for any promotional or marketing purposes. WELLCARE monitors the usage patterns of the Web Site in order to increase the usefulness and effectiveness of the Web Site through cookies. Information obtained through the cookies shall not be sold to and/or shared with third parties.

By making the necessary settings in the internet browser, the User can delete the previously installed cookies, block the cookies that shall be installed in the future, or have the browser alert the User during the loading of the cookies. However, we would like to express that these cookies may be necessary for the Web Site to work properly and to perform certain functions.

    1. Personal Data and Accessm

The personal data such as name, e-mail address, fax number or postal address shared by the User through the Web Site are kept completely confidential within WELLCARE and Selçuklu Holding A.Ş. (“Selçuklu Holding”) group companies and are not shared with third parties and/or organizations.

WELLCARE and/or Selçuklu Holding group companies shall use the relevant personal data to the extent required and allowed by the legal legislation for (i) sending printed publications/correspondence, (ii) e-mailing press releases or notifications, (iii) evaluating your applications in recruitment processes, and similar purposes.

WELLCARE shall only be able to disclose the relevant personal data;

      1. If the User has given consent for sharing of his/her personal data with third parties,
      2. In order to determine the user profiles to be used within the organization of WELLCARE and Selçuklu Holding group companies,
      3. In order to develop and supply the products and services ordered by the User from WELLCARE or to solve the problems related to the services and tools offered to the User,
      4. To the companies it collaborates for provision of the products and services to the User to be used during the provision process, and
      5. During legal investigations, if required by court order or legal procedures

Information About the Products and Services

The Web Information on the Web Site may include direct or indirect references to the WELLCARE products, programs and services that are not available in the market in certain countries or regions or that are available with a different brand name or that are subject to different legal regulations and conditions that vary from country to country. Such references do not imply that WELLCARE shall sell such products, programs, or services in your country/region.

    1. Your Requests and Questions

The stored data shall be deleted by WELLCARE when the legal or contractual filing period expires or WELLCARE no longer needs it. However, the User may request the deletion of his/her data at any time. In addition, the User may withdraw his/her consent for the use or processing of his/her personal data at any time. The User shall be able to consult WELLCARE by e-mail in such cases or for all other questions. WELLCARE may also be contacted through the same method for questions regarding the storage and the areas of use of the data belonging to the User. WELLCARE shall do its best to respond to the User’s requests.

  1. Miscellaneous Provisions
    Istanbul Courts and Bailiff’s Offices shall have jurisdiction to resolve the disputes that may arise from the application of the above-written provisions and legal relations. By using the Website, the User agrees to be bound by the privacy policy. Unless this privacy policy is accepted by the User, please do not use the Web Site. WELLCARE shall be entitled to any use and action regarding this Web Site.

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