Sinomarin helps to solve the stuffy nose problem and daily nasal cleaning of the whole family with its 100% hypertonic formula containing natural ingredients/minerals and trace elements.
Sinomarin is produced with 2.3% optimal hypertonic formula and with excellent tolerability for the nasal mucosa.
Sinomarin is 100% natural with proven efficacy and safe for the whole family. Its formula contains trace elements and minerals.

Why is it Effective?

Sinomarin opens the stuffy nose and reduces the sinus pressure thanks to its 2.3% hypertonic formula. It helps to moisturize the nasal mucosa.
Sinomarin enables comfortable breathing and is used for daily nasal hygiene in addition to its decongestant feature.

Why is it Safe?

It is formulated with the cleanest spring waters collected from the Gulf of Cancale, France (zone A). Its hypertonic formula is safe for the whole family from newborn onwards with proven effectiveness. It does not cause addiction and sedation. There is no harm in using it alone or in combination with other products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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